Computer, Printer and Internet Down

Computer Down | Printer down | Internet Down


Please check to see if there is a light on the monitor

If no light try to pull the black power cable on the back of the monitor and plug it back in. the power cable mostly black and does not have any screw attached.

If there is an orange light then check the computer to see if there is any light on the front of the computer.


If there is a green light then check to see if the cable from the monitor is connected properly.

There are only two cables on the back of the monitor. 1 is the power and the other is the VGA or DVI that goes to the back of the computer.


If all cable is connected properly then pull the power cable on the back of the computer. The power cables mostly the same as the monitor power cable. You need to wait at least 20 second for the main board power to go down.

Plug the power cable back in and turn on. Check to see if there is any light or hear anything if all quiet then please call me or submit the trouble ticket here.


Printer down


If you cannot print first check to see if the printer that you are printing to has a ready light.

The ready light should be steady green light not blinking green. If not then turn on or power off then on again.

If printer is ready then click Start (bottom left corner of the widows screen)

Then click setting printer and fax or click printer and fax if you see it.

Now you are in the printer control panel. check the printer name that you are printing too, to see if it has your print job. usually it show the number of job in the printer.

Double click on the printer and delete all the print job below the first one on top.

Leave the top job (job number 1) last.

If you are using the usb cable to connect to the printer them unplug it from the back of the printer then plug it back in.

try print again.

If you are using the network printer you need to turn of the printer and wait 20 second and turn on again.

If you have a print server (box that printer connected too) turn off wait 20 second then turn on again.


If all failed please submit trouble ticket here.


Internet Down


If you are at home and your internet is down try to check with other computers if you have it to see if it works. If not then turn off your modem and router, wait 20 second and turn back on.

most modem and router does not have a switch to turn off, you just unplug the power cable from the back of the router or unplug from the wall. Please make sure you don't unplug the wrong cable. if you unplug any other cable make sure you plug it back to the same spot.


if it still does not work than double click on my computer right click on network or my network places => click property windows xp you will see local area connection, windows 7 you need to click change adapter setting and you will see local area connection. if it gray out then double click on it to enable the network, if it is a wireless right click and click connect to network.

select what your network ssid name then click connect and type in security key when ask.



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