How to Forward Phone


To forward your phone calls

you will first need to create the call route.

You will need to login to your phone to be able to create call route.

If you do not know how to login to your phone please ask your phone administrator for the URL login to your phone. REMEMBER you will need to set up call forwarding once, unless you change your phone number, or want to change the forwarding

(Graphic image support is provided, you will need to hold the Ctrl Key if you have a pop up blocker)


To login to your phone ask your administrator for the URL.

1. Login to your phone (Click here to see the image)

2. Click on “My Extension” (Click here to see image) You will have multiple options to choose from

3. For Example I will change my presence to “At a Meeting” Select your option “ At a Meeting” and click the “Modify” ( Right of the color coded area ) (Click here to see image )

4. It will bring up the “modify” menu. (Click here to see image)

5. Enter 9 and your phone on Dial number. eg. (9 – 1- 562-254-2991) (Click here to see image )

6. Click Update Call Route

7. Click “My Presence” on the left Tab (Click here to see image) then choose the corresponding option to your desire. Ex. “At A Meeting.”

8. Click “Change Presence” the bottom button located at the bottom of the menu.

*The screen on your phone will change from “In Office” to “At a Meeting”

All calls will route to the number you specified in the call route for At A Meeting.

You can change your presence using the phone or internet.


To Change your presence using your phone (remotely) just call your voice mail. Then choose the option to change your presence.

To change your presence using the internet you need to follow Step 1 and 7 only.

Follow the same procedure if you want to have another call route. e.g. Away, Vacation, At Home Etc.



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